Writing a Dissertation Part Two

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This is a continuous of the previous post that outlined the steps of writing an effective dissertation. The first post on this blog focused on the title, reading and research. Specifically, we emphasized the need to locate credible sources to use in writing a dissertation. In this post, we focus on making notes as part of the process of writing an effective dissertation.

Making Notes

The renown American writer and author of the book, “Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content” said, “If you aren’t having fun creating content, you’re doing it wrong.” To create good content, you must enjoy doing it. To create good content, you must make good notes.  When reading, make clear, accurate notes which summarize the key points and main information. Remember to keep a note of the full reference for your source (title, author, date, publisher and page numbers).

After making notes, ask yourself:

  • Have I summarized the information accurately?
  • Is this part particularly useful? If so, have I written down the exact words used and the page number, so that I can quote it?

Planning and Organization

There is an old adage that failure to plan is planning to fail. Therefore, any great accomplishment in life was a result of planning. Just like planning the goals in life and following through the plan to achieve the goals, planning a dissertation is critical to success in studies. Divide a long text into sections with subheadings, and include a list of references or a bibliography at the end.

When you plan your work, ask yourself:

  • How long should my text and each part be?
  • Have I organized my notes, grouping together writers who have made similar points?
  • Do I agree with their opinion?
  • What is the point I want to make to my readers?
  • What do I want my readers to know by the end?
  • Have I planned what to write in the introduction, body and conclusion?

Using other people’s ideas

When you have finished writing, look carefully at how you have used other people’s words and ideas. Remember, failure to acknowledge other people’s ideas will lead to plagiarism.

Ask yourself:

  • Have I considered and discussed other people’s ideas adequately?
  • Have I paraphrased their ideas accurately?
  • Have I made it clear which words or ideas are mine and whose words or ideas I have quoted?
  • Have I included in my list of references all the works I have used and referred to?

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