How to Write 3000 words a day

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Struggling to complete the 3000 word essay? Struck yourself in the foot? Feel like throwing your computer across the room when you hear the word “essay”? Well. If the answer to any of those questions is “yes”, you are at the right place. Life is difficult already, your essay doesn’t have to be hard either. Write 3000 words with these 5 simple tips:

  1. Order an outline of your essay (you can order just 550 words for a 3000 word essay)

Sometimes you may lack the motivation to start a 3000 word essay, but having a professional opinion can be a jump start to start writing. The outline will guide on finding the right books to use whether in the library or online.

  1. Read your outline thoroughly.

The outline contains the thesis statement and topic sentences of your essay. Therefore, read it carefully and let it sink in. If you find it hard to understand, go for a short walk before reading it again.

  1. Visit the sources outlined in the references.

This will help to improve your knowledge. Our writers identify the most important sources in your subject area to save you the time, hassle and worry of wondering whether you have the right source material.

  1. Start writing your work.

Put everything aside and start writing your work. Create a structure for your essay. Our writers provide the topic sentences which will act as guiding posts to your essay. Once you have understood your topic sentences, just write and don’t worry about the word count because that comes next.

  1. Edit, edit, edit

You have surprised yourself by how quickly you have managed to write your essay, a pat on your back. The problem is now that you have 4,000 words for a 3,000 word essay. The good thing is that editing is easy, just make sure you always have your structure in mind. You can delete the information that you don’t need in the essay. This is the information that cannot affect the message of the essay when removed.

You just realized how easy it is to write a 3,000 word essay. By just ordering a 550 word outline for your essay, you will be a head of your friends in class. Most people think that writing the body of the essay takes the longest time, at, we disagree. Getting started in the right place is important. Once you know where to begin and where you are heading, essay writing takes no time at all. Good luck with your deadlines!




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