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Struggling to write a speech? Struck yourself in the foot? Well, don’t worry. Speech writing is very simple. Unfortunately, many college students tremble when they hear the word, “speech”. The following is a sample speech developed by one of our writing experts. Read it and note how the writer develops the speech, engages the audience and calls upon the audience to take action. Remember to read other posts on our blog because you never know when the inspiration will hit you.

 Vice President of the Libertarian Political Party Speech

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this years’ Libertarian National Convention. As the Vice President of the Libertarian Political Party, I stand for liberty in all sectors of the economy. I stand for the lowering of taxes to promote business in the U.S and across the world. I stand for personal responsibility and non-interference by the state. We all agree that liberty means ultimate freedom. We, as Libertarians therefore, stand for liberty in our business, and liberty in our lives. While we might think that we have liberty, the truth is that we don’t have the actual liberty that we desire. The tax on businesses is so heavy that it discourages business establishment here at home. We therefore advocate for reduction in tax as a way of promoting business in the U.S. Finally, each and every one of you must have what to stand for. Remember, if you don’t stand for anything, you’ll take up anything that’s presented to you. We, as Libertarians, we stand for liberty!
Thank you. God bless you. God bless the United States of America.

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