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Speech writing is very crucial for success in college or university. However, many students freak out when they hear the word “speech”. No cause of panic. We, at Native Papers, will show you how to write a plagiarism free speech. Why plagiarism free speech? Because plagiarism is a serious offense and can get you kicked out of college. How do you write a plagiarism free speech?

  1. Choose a topic

Choosing a topic is the most important step because it will determine if you will enjoy the writing process or not. If the topic is chosen for you, don’t worry, we, at Heroes Papers, can help you come up with an outline for your speech.

  1. Develop a “Hook”

A hook is an attention grabber. Grab the attention of your listeners with a hook up statement. This can be a quote, a question, or a humorous statement. The hook up sentence entices the audience to concentrate on the speech. Also, you can use a background statement to grab the attention of the audience.

  1. Write the body of the speech.

This is where you present the main points keeping the outline in mind. You can have as many points as you like, depending on the length of the speech. If it is a 5 minutes speech, then three points are enough.

For instance, when presenting a speech about why prostitution should be legalized, you can consider the following points:

  1. Prostitution reduces incidences of rape and violence
  2. Prostitution enhances health because those who engage in sex use protection.
  • Prostitution is not a crime.

That’s a sample outline on why prostitution should be legalized. You can come up with your own points as long as you support them with evidence and logical argument.

  1. Write a conclusion

In this part, restate your thesis statement to remind the audience what you were talking about. For example, you can say, “From the speech, legalizing prostitution has a lot of benefits to the society.” Summarize the main points of the speech. For example, “Making it legal will help in reduction of violence and other related sex crimes as the women will even get the confidence of approaching security officers whenever they have been victims, improves the safety health wise and notably, prostitution is a victimless crime”

  1. Edit, edit, edit.

At Native Papers, we believe that editing and proofreading improves the quality of the paper. Remove spelling and grammatical mistakes from your speech by editing and proofreading your work. Read your speech aloud to and see if it flows smoothly and has well-articulated transition sentences. Give it to a friend to read and ask for a feedback. As stated earlier, we, at Heroes Papers International, will always be available to handle your editing requests.

We, at Native Papers, pride ourselves of producing the best speeches that attract the top grades. We have experts in all academic fields. Once you place an order, we will assign it to an expert in that field. Following the steps outlined above, our expert will produce a high quality plagiarism free speech, which will save you the hassle and time of putting together sentences to make a coherent speech. Place an order today.

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