Many websites are masquerading as the providers of high quality essays written by native writers, but they end up providing low-quality work. We came up with NativePaper.net to save you from those who claim to provide high-quality papers from native writers.

Unlike other online writing agencies who provide plagiarized, low quality work, we at Native Papers provide original papers written by native writers. What do we mean by Native Writers? These are writers who have grown in the U.S academic system and understand all that entails essay writing. Unlike other online writing companies which resale the customer’s work, we at Native Papers don’t resale the customer’s papers. Once the paper is done, you own the rights and there is no way we can resale the paper. Since we have been students before, we understand the repercussions of submitting someone else’s work. Therefore, we as Native Writers, are committed to providing you with high-quality original essays, research papers, term papers, research proposals, research dissertations, lab reports, statistical analysis, among other assignments. Just place an order with us today and when you turn in your paper for marking, you will notice the difference between us and other online writing companies that masquerade as U.S based companies.


If you want high-quality non-plagiarized essays, you are at the right place. We are a group of writers that does not joke with your work. We understand what it means by “quality work”, therefore there is no way we can work below our standards. How are we different?

1. We hire only native writers.

At Nativepapers.net, we understand that you want your paper to be done by a writer who has gone through the same system you are currently going through. We have those writers. Once you place an order with us, we get the best writer in that field to work on the order from scratch.

2. No plagiarism

Unlike other online writing companies which resale the customers’ papers, at Nativepapers.net, we do not resale the customers’ work. We write your paper from scratch. This means that you’ll have a high-quality original essay.

3. We have editors

At Nativepapers.net, we have editors who check the paper for grammatical and spelling mistakes. If there are spelling and grammatical mistakes (which rarely occur), the editors correct them before submitting the paper to you. This means that you’ll get a high-quality paper free from plagiarism, spelling and grammatical mistakes.


Life is hard already, your essay doesn’t have to be hard. As the semester moves towards an end, you have a lot of essays and other assignments to submit,not to mention the lab reports. Furthermore, you need to find time to study for the final examinations. You can opt to work alone on your essays and other assignments and study for the exams. Yes, you can be that disciplined. But remember, balancing essay writing and preparing for exams is hard work and it will drain your energy in the long run. Therefore, using NativePapers will allow you to have enough time to study for the final exams. Let us handle the essays, research papers, term papers, research proposals and dissertations so that you can have enough time to study. Our service is so confidential such that no one will know that we helped you. How? Because we do not disclose our customers’ details to third parties. Even the plagiarism checker cannot detect that we helped write the essay because the paper is original.

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